A Plea to the Canadian Centre-Left

15 10 2009

Dear Michael Ignatieff, Jack Layton, Gilles Duceppe and Elizabeth May,

Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of the country and form a strong opposition party.  Canada cannot afford to have Mr. Harper form a majority government. The world cannot afford  a majority Harper government. Tories are desecrating our international good will and reputation as a leader in the fight for human rights and the eradication of poverty. They are attempting to sweep climate change science under the rug while lauding ownership of the Arctic. We have abandoned Africa, we have abandoned peacekeeping and we have abandoned a fair and balanced approach to Middle East politics most especially with respect to Israel and the Palestinians.

On a domestic level we are experiencing the most secretive approach to governing ever in the history of Canada.  The Harper approach is at once hypocritical and opportunistic. I will not begin to list the issues here which raise my hackles, suffice it to say their domestic agenda has never wavered from their Reformist roots and this, most certainly, is not representative of the majority of Canadians.

The Reform Party and the Progressive Conservatives were able to overcome differences in their effort to unify and it has paid off for them. At this point in history there are four parties in Canada who are centre and left of it while there is only one party that sits firmly to the right of centre. The writing is on the wall. Unless the centre-left parties unite the Tories will continue to dominate the political scene while in actuality representing a minority. Therefore, I am pleading with you, nay begging you, please look to the future, please consider uniting under one party banner in order to give the majority of Canadians the voice they deserve in parliament. Only you can stop the fractured left from living in the fringe. Even you, Mr. Duceppe, would serve your province more beneficially by combining with parties whose platforms and ideologies are more akin to your own than to remain in a relatively minor role with a party in power whose very essence contradicts so much of what you stand for.

It is with great expectations that I anticipate your thoughtful consideration of this proposal and I look forward to recapturing the country that used to make me proud under a unified centre-left government.

Michelle Matthews




3 responses

15 10 2009

This is good, however there is but. If the resulting policies are ‘centerist’ (ie the united party is afraid to be labeled leftist) then people might still choose the conservatives

15 10 2009
Michelle Matthews

At this time it is a minority of people who vote conservative. The centre and left votes are split between the other four parties. I think they could compromise on policies and platforms to make it palatable to the rest of the voters who are not so right wing. Thanks for your comment.

31 08 2010
Norma G

The new party should be called Conservative Reform Alliance Party ie CRAP.
The Progressive Conservatives are gone– Joe Clark will have nothing to do with this new party that hi-jacked his party’s name.
Find out more about where King Harper comes from at :http://harpercrusade.blogspot.com/

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