Endangered Caribou in Ontario Need Your Help

6 09 2010

Caribou in Ontario are severely threatened. Please see the petition at: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/2/save-the-threatened-caribou-in-ontario/ . There is only one more week left until this petition is closed and who knows how much time left there is for the caribou.

Human beings have the privilege of sharing this earth with many other species. We have the ability to protect these species, to ensure that this world retains the vast and varied beauty of life that now graces it. Yet many animal and plant species continue to fall into decline. The caribou populations in Ontario have recently been identified in this category. This is a problem not just for the people of Ontario or even Canada. It is a problem that should be tackled by the entire world.

On July 30, 2009 The Wildlands League released a new report showing that 7 out of 9 caribou populations in Ontario are tracking towards collapse due to high levels of industrial disturbance of their habitat.  This is the first time this type of analysis has been applied in Ontario.  Nine local ranges were examined along the northern limit of commercial logging in the province.

Trevor Hesselink, Director- Forest Programs, a chapter of the Canadian Parks and Wildnerness Society (CPAWS), stated that the habitat for 7 threatened caribou populations is so highly disrupted and fragmented by clearcuts, roads and fire that it cannot sustain any further logging and industrial pressure in the remaining intact forest. In April the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources released a map of local caribou ranges which it would be using to develop a Caribou Conservation Plan. Based on these maps CPAWS was able to conduct a thorough analysis of caribou population and found that 80% of the ranges at the northern end are tracking toward extinction, caribou have run out of space according to Janet Sumner of CPAWS.

Despite having released the maps, the Ministry of Natural Resources has taken no further steps to protect the caribou, at least through interim protective provisions, until the official plan is finalized. It has, instead, according to the report, used  public dollars to construct more roads in caribou habitat.

This petition will be sent to the government of Ontario – Ministry of Natural Resources and the government of Canada – Ministry of Natural Resources, to request their immediate action to protect these fragile ranges in order to ensure the survival of the 7 caribou populations identified in this study as being threatened. We will request that all commercial logging, road construction and other industrial activity be immediately ceased in the areas identified in the study until a final Caribou Conservation Plan has been formalized.

The CPAWS Wildlands League website ishttp://www.wildlandsleague.org/. The press release and the report,   A Snapshot of Caribou Range Condition, can be found at this website.




17 responses

6 09 2010
Diane Berings

Save these beautifull creations

6 09 2010

Please protect the caribou… They are part of your heritage… Keep it!

6 09 2010

help endangered caribou

6 09 2010
Patrizia Scally

Save the Endangered Caribou in Ontario

6 09 2010
michela messineo


7 09 2010


7 09 2010

Please help save these wonderful creatures!!

7 09 2010
Adam Izak-Sunna

Let’s respect and cherish life in all its forms.

7 09 2010
Alfred Donovan

Is there no end to the slaughter of Canada’s wildlife. this slaaghter must be stopped at all costs.

7 09 2010
Phil Heinlein

Please save these beautiful animals

7 09 2010
dave c

these beautiful creatures need to be saved and starting now. If we don’t learn to respect and save nature starting now, someday the article maybe about the risk to human life, too, and who will be left to save people.

8 09 2010
Dorinda Norton

Sarah Palin, daughter on Jay Leno said my mother is out hunting Caribou. Get rid of the Palin family their motto, Kill baby Kill and Drill Baby Drill.

8 09 2010
Andrew Butt

Protect the Caribou, they should be precious to canada and should be cared for accordingly

8 09 2010
Penelope Ryan

Canada , more shame, killing your wild horses, slaughtering baby seals. Your just like the USA. I am not saying this to be kind. Both countries are animl murderers.

8 09 2010

Please protect the caribou and all wildlife.

9 09 2010
mary foley

please save these beautiful and important creatures

1 10 2010
Ray Bell

Yes. This is an important issue. People please do all you can to stop this insane unnecessary senseless suffering and death of caribou.

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