Who Paid for this Billboard in Ward 32? – UPDATED

19 10 2010
How do you know the battle in Ward 32 is not a fair fight? Answer: When you see big billboards like this one, the cost of which, when combined with all other campaign spending, may well exceed legally allotted campaign budgets. Who paid for this? You may be better off to ask who has thrown their support behind this candidate against long-term incumbent Sandra Bussin?

Here’s a hint:

Residents of Ward 32 asked hard hitting questions at an all candidates meeting October 19, as to whether the McMahon campaign may exceed the limits for election spending. In response McMahon prevaricated…waffled.  Beach area residents also expressed concern as to whether or not support is being provided to McMahon from the Ford camp.  Again, McMahon answered with silence.  Voters asked for clarity on  her pledge to cut red tape to developers in Ward 32.  Does this mean that she will curtail the consultative review processes for land development needed to assure safety, health and environment in the area? Answers from McMahon came there none.

On the heels of her recent endorsement by failed mayoral candidate, John Tory, McMahon was questioned at the meeting about her apparent positioning as the Conservative Party candidate. A question she refused to answer. She was further grilled on the specifics of her “rational belt tightening” which was also met with a resounding, non-committal scuffing.

McMahon tells us to vote for her because “It’s time for a change” to which I respond “A change to what”? From the frying pan into the fire comes spryly to mind. If the endorsement by one of the most failed politicians in Toronto history, in the form of John Tory, coupled with her evident partnering with Rob Ford, aren’t amply toxic enough to be the kiss of death to McMahon’s run for city hall, then surely her inability to elucidate a clear policy platform will give serious pause to any reasoning, progressive voter in Ward 32. This ward, historically, has been at the heart of the progressive movement in Toronto if not in Ontario. Sandra Bussin has honoured that culture through her many years as city councillor as evidenced by her numerous accomplishments.  Sandra Bussin has achieved through diligent, dedicated work what McMahon cannot even elucidate when challenged.

Time for a change McMahon? It’s too bad you can’t tell us what that change is aside from some opaque alignment with the right wing. How about “Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke”? For that reason alone, Sandra Bussin has got my vote.


McMahon took a daring leap into the unknown at the October 20 town hall debate by actually defining her pledge to cut red tape to developers. Ward 32 residents, rest easy! McMahon will only glad hand those developers who are “ethical”. Aside from the obvious conundrum of locating this mythical creature – the ethical developer – I can’t help but guffaw at the impossibly convoluted vetting process which would ensue from such a policy directive…let your imagination run wild.

Recently US Teaparty candidate, Sharron Angle, in justifying an extreme right wing policy,  chided people to make lemonade out of lemons.  So in my very first attempt to heed the advice of the right wing let’s make some lemonade, shall we?  What good can come of McMahon’s new approach? Try this on for size: for a time, at least, it is possible that developers will be falling over each other in donating to charities and participating in other “good” causes as they take on the Olympian task of proving themselves worthy of the much coveted designation of  “ethical”.  Huzzah!




8 responses

20 10 2010

Sandra’s numerous accomplishments (your words, not mine) are overshadowed in my opinion by:

1) Tuggs: Her inexplicably bad judgement of sole-sourcing the 20 year lease to Tuggs. It’s on record that donations from his family members and business associates to the Bussin campaign reportedly totalled more than $8,000. Reference: http://news.nationalpost.com/2010/09/16/boardwalk-pub-owner-expected-to-launch-lawsuit-against-rob-ford/

2) 204 Beech: Her backing complaints from a resident and a non-ward resident over that of the owner and vast majority of immediate neighbours in regards to the new home construction. This fiasco also included email exchanges wherein she pleaded with the people at the heritage committee to stop the construction – essentially using heritage as a weapon over property rights. Her requests were initially denied but later fast-tracked. Reference: Documents were obtained through the freedom of information act from Ms Bussin’s office and Heritage Preservation Services. Full disclosure: I am the owner of 204 Beech Ave.

3) Paying for lawsuits with tax dollars: Her suing a local paper for libel using tax payer dollars
Reference: http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/article/677576

4) Bogus call to Tory: Bussin called John Tory’s radio show to say she thinks Miller is the most brilliant municipal politician “anywhere in the country” and complimented the mayor for tackling the municipal employees controversial sick bank. She was asked several times during the show if she works for the city. Her reply: “No I don’t work for the city.”
Reference: http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/article/703370

She’s had ample room to do the right thing in many, if not all, of these situations, but never did. It’s okay to admit you’ve made some bad decisions Sandra and do the right thing. People will respect you more, and likely support you come election day.

20 10 2010

Kudos for telling it as it is! Excellent article and an excellent question raised. Who is behind this charade? Their alternative candidate seems to have tons financial backing and is heir to a host of mud slinging cohorts, but let’s face she has little or no real experience. Her answer to every question is that she “Can -Can”. I’m not convinced that we should wait around and see who’s tune she’ll be dancing to.

21 10 2010

Anyone but Bussin. C’mon. If you smell something fishy in the beaches, it’s not the McMahon campaign. You’re catching a whiff of that mind-bogglingly corrupt Tuggs contract Bussin awarded.

21 10 2010
Michelle Matthews

Phil, the city awarded the Tuggs contract, not Sandra Bussin. In fact, Bussin didn’t even vote – she recused herself so as to avoid any conflict of interest. There is a lot of misinformation circulating about this and it’s time people knew the facts.

21 10 2010

orly Michelle Matthews?

From The National Post:

“Mr. Foulidis also defended the fact that he has financially contributed to a previous campaign of local councillor Sandra Bussin,
who has stood up for the Tuggs deal in the past.

He said he contributed $750 seven years ago but donations from his family members and business associates to the Bussin campaign reportedly totalled more than $8,000.”

Back-room deals, poor judgment, and an ugly sense of entitlement all add up to a whole lot of AnyoneButBussin in Ward 32. I hope she gets what she deserves this time around. Nothing.

21 10 2010

If people truly want someone with character, conviction, passion, vision, experience, compassion, a skill set to deal with the problems facing the city then I urge you to spread the word to vote for me Brad Feraday.

At the same debate which this article related to Ms. McMahon is about, Ms. Bussin also accused me of lying about questioning to her and being at the LRT Maintenance Facility open forums. She was condescending and openly lied about me not being there. I then proceeded to pull out my iPhone and show the audience an email from the TTC confirming I was at these meetings.

I also contacted one of the mayoral candidates’ offices after Ms. Bussin also said that she had been contacted by all 3 to endorse one of them. That was also not true and I have a voicemail from that office to prove that too.

Please go to http://www.bradferaday.ca and join the movement for a better day and on election day, vote Feraday.

Brad Feraday from Ward 32 (sorry, I couldn’t help myself). 🙂

21 10 2010

Michelle and I emailed about Tuggs. Thought I’d share my thoughts with the rest of you since she’s also shared hers.

Any 20 year contract to any one company or person is ludicrous. It’s called a monopoly and it’s wrong.

Yes, I was aware she recused herself – she had no choice, it had nothing to do with ethics. This was a contract she was supporting, even Bussin herself won’t deny that so it was no secret where she stood on the issue. As the councillor of our ward she had the knowledge, power and authority to make sure this never even made it to council. Giving up that 20 year contract to a company who has shown little to no commitment to improvement for such a long period of time is bad judgement – plain and simple. Furthermore, city staff recommended the contract be offered up for competition. Sandra decided it was in the beaches best interest to support Tuggs, and Tuggs alone. Should I blame council for this? Partially, but the bulk of the blame lays on Bussin for pushing it in the first place and not recognizing that this is bad for the ward. I have yet to speak to a single person that was in favour of this contract.

21 10 2010

To be fair Mr. Feraday, as I remember it, what Ms. Bussin said was simply that she “did not see you there”, not that you were not there. Using your e-mail (from Lito thanking you for your attendance at that meeting) doesn’t support your belief that she has been untruthful, nor does it lend any credence to your claim that you had a private conversation with her. To be fair Mr. Feraday your recollections appear to be self-serving at best.

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