Waffling Bruce Baker Endorses McMahon – Big Deal, Who Cares?

24 10 2010

I start this blog with a major “facepalm” and then, with a great sigh, I finally reach towards the keyboard. I am so disappointed with mainstream media and their skewed reporting/analysis of the run for city hall in Ward 32 that it almost takes my breath away.  As they trampled over each other in their rush to get the headline that Bruce Baker had dropped out of the race and had endorsed McMahon in Ward 32, boy, did they miss the far richer story … the meat of the matter! The Toronto Star, The Sun  and countless others heralded this event as though it were the ultimate undoing of Sandra Bussin. Puh-lease!!!  Did they even pause to examine who this person was, what his polling numbers had been and what he stood for?  As far as I could tell, aside from CTV online, this was evidently in their blind spot.

In a long stream of McMahon endorsements (mostly from the right wing) this one is, surely, the most laughable.  It’s akin to stapling Jello to the wall. Bruce Baker, only two days earlier, had begged Sandra Bussin to withdraw from the race and support him as the only means possible to stopping the Conservatives from bulldozing through the Beaches. Then, on the day of his withdrawal, he contacted Bussin to say he was going to send his support her way. Within hours he was out canvassing with McMahon. Can you say confused? Is he against the Conservatives taking over the Beach or is he for it?  Gee … golly, Miss Molly…I just ain’t sho’.

In all fairness, Baker (a former Jakobek partner) is entitled to his waffling. The responsibility lies with the voter to discern the method in his madness, but surely we can expect more of those who purportedly relay the news to us as opinion? Aside from CTV online, not a one reported his rapid-cycling vacillation. Not a one pointed out the fact that Baker doesn’t even live in Ward 32 –  he lives in Scarborough. Not a one illuminated his previously attempted sleight of hand in the Beach through his association with Jakobek  when they attempted to fool people into allowing them to develop a building at Glen Manor Drive and Hubbard Avenue. Baker was eventually fired from his job as assistant to Councillor Ron Moeser in Scarborough for those shenanigans. Not a one even hinted, as they should have,  that  Baker’s endorsement should be discarded on the garbage dump of political ridiculousness, aside from CTV online. CTV alone had the gumption to point out that:

Baker said Conservatives had united around McMahon and that she threatened the “social fabric in the Beaches community.”

Shame on you Toronto Star! Shame on you Toronto Sun! Kudos to CTV online. And kudos to all the voters in Ward 32 who will see through this Conservative charade and political waffling and will, ultimately, re-elect Sandra Bussin on Monday.




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