Dear Marci, My friend, My Hero

12 03 2013

My dear friend Marci,

The very thought of you brings warmth to my being as an upturned face in the spring sun. The breadth of your caring and generosity of spirit is infinite, as I know will be its legacy. Your fidelity of conviction, and your commitment to putting action to your passionate belief that the most vulnerable amongst us are the most deserving of our efforts, are startling in their profundity and inspiring in this world hued by a “beggar thy neighbour” psyche. You truly are the embodiment of  compassion and humanity. You are, at once, brave and humble. Selfless and determined. Light hearted yet aching viscerally for those who suffer.

I only knew you for a few years and, though we never met, despite having tried a few times, I will cherish our friendship for the rest of my life. I will resolve to use your inspiration to continue to be engaged, to push this world forward, to be the better place that you knew it could be and that you strove to effect through myriad, cumulative acts.

I am so happy you were able to get to your daughter, Marlee’s wedding – I know how much joy it gave you. I know how proud you are of Barry’s work and Rachel’s music.

Your column on Twitter will always stay right beside mine, where it has always been. And tomorrow I am going to wear the Tweetnik t-shirt you sent me. I love you Marci and, though I’m in a pool of tears, I am also celebrating the remarkable mother, sister, friend, activist and person that you are. Go with peace my friend, your time here has left us all the richer for having known you. Good bye my friend, you unsung hero who would cringe with humility to hear this elegiac au revoir.

All my love,

Michelle (Tymlee)

P.S. You always said we would go to Kuwait together when Fayiz was freed – I promise I will still go and give thanks to you when I’m there.




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