I am such an internet ignoramus that I just realized this page (the original template from when I first signed up) was patiently awaiting my creative and personal keystrokes – 2 months on. Duh! So I thought I had better do something about it since it seems to get more hits than any of my other postings! Isn’t that funny! The one post that has nothing of me in it, nothing personal, meaningful or in any way individual has proven to be the most popular.

So About me…I am stymied. Not sure what to say. I am married (hahaha), I have 3 children (some may be tempted to classify them amongst the lower primates but I resist that temptation – just kidding kids), and I love politics, human rights, animal rights, literature, conundrums, polemics and pancakes.

That is about all I can think of right now.  Oh, yes, I am writing a book ostensibly of the literary variety, bits and pieces of which you will find posted here. Good luck putting it together. I can’t!


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17 08 2010
Terry Travers

Just noticed this today. I never read profiles except to look at numbers. Another aspiring novelist, eh? Good luck with that. Hope your HEARTH is happy and PROTECTED!

21 10 2010

For someone who claims to love politics, you certainly are quite clueless on the subject.

22 10 2010
Michelle Matthews

Yes ahachie, that does tend to happen when you study it at university. Your analysis/comment was certainly far more enlightening. Thank you! Huzzah!

15 11 2010

and pray tell aharchie……where can we read your rendition on the subject of politics?

10 11 2010

Been reading your blog and (of course) love it.

Miss you on teh twitterz, but don’t miss them. Just the people, like you.

Keep in touch!!

29 01 2011
Michelle Matthews

Sorry it took me so long to respond to your comment. I’m really bad at maintaining my blog – haven’t even posted anything in months and months. In any case, I have missed you on Twitter but I am so happy to see you back. The prodigal son. Don’t ever leave us again, ok? Pinky swear?

15 11 2010

nighssssss ! – yr really really v creative and you make me laugh with your tweets – so glad you have a blog – not sure how long you’ve had it for [don’t want to change page to look as i risk loosing this missive to you] time for zzzzzz v late been on skype – love the skype – its magical to talk and see the person live on the other side of the planet – all the best to you
[cape town]
bliss to have writing restrictions lifted! [at least 500 letters and spaces! not the 140]

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